Woodbury Mews Receives National Recognition

An article was recently published on AmericanTowns.com, posted on August 24th, 2017. To read the full article, please click here.

Woodbury Mews is pleased to announce that 11 associates have received recognition for exceptional work through Watermark’s annual award recognition.

The awards are presented to associates from Watermark’s 40 communities nationwide who exemplify the company’s vision of creating extraordinary communities where people thrive.

Nikia Comfort, Move-in Coordinator, won a Rookie of the Year Award for having an exceptional first year at Woodbury Mews, with accomplishments including organizing smooth transitions for residents and families into the community. She has become an asset to the residents by serving as a liaison for resolutions and a wonderful resident advocate.

Dwan Honey, Director of Dining Services, won a Breakthrough Award for helping to launch Thrive Dining at Woodbury Mews, an innovative approach to serving well-balanced traditional dishes in one and two bite portions to benefit individuals who have difficulty using a knife and fork.

Other Award recipients honored for overall excellence include:
• Jean Zirbser
• Joan Fioretti
• John Gallagher
• Karen Thomas
• Kaycee Evens
• Marie Cresta
• Steven Green
• Teneesha Boggans
• Vicki Pine

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