Watermark University Class “Sketching with Rose” Inspires Curious Artists

Woodbury Mews is fortunate to have Rose as a dynamic member of the Community Life team, as she has inspired residents to channel their inner artist through her new Watermark University class, “Sketching with Rose.” This month, Rose shared her talent and passion for sketching with residents from The Inn. She first demonstrated how to draw a simple apple, which the class learned exceptionally with ease. As you will see in the photos, class participants discovered rather quickly that they too had their own inner artist. Our eager students worked diligently creating sketches under Rose’s helpful guidance, which resulted in remarkable finished pieces and some very proud artists!

Rose will be teaching this class with The Gardens and Town Center residents in the near future… Be sure to keep an eye out for this highly-anticipated class in our upcoming Watermark University catalog, as the Fall semester is right around the corner!

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