Sabrina’s “Raising the Titanic” Class Provides In-Depth Look At Life On The Iconic Vessel

Woodbury Mews residents were intrigued to learn an important piece of history during a recent Watermark University class taught by our wonderfully creative Community Life associate, Sabrina. Through her presentation entitled, “Raising the Titanic,” Sabrina gave an informative and interactive lecture involving the complex story behind the Titanic. The intense amount research and time spent preparing wasn’t the only thing that made this class a winner… Dressed in a homemade theatrical hat reminiscent of the ones the women wore on the ship, Sabrina inspired her participants to travel back in time with her creative and imaginative performance. With an amazing array of historical photographs of the ship and passengers, residents got a first-hand look into what life was like aboard the iconic vessel. This class was a big hit, as participants are still talking about it!

Sabrina will be conducting a repeat performance of this program for our Town Center and The Gardens residents in the near future. Be sure to look for scheduled class dates in our upcoming Watermark University catalogs, coming to you soon!

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