Life Lessons Learned by Veterans

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World War II Vets Have Timeless Life Lessons to Share

From practical, lifesaving advice, “You have to duck when someone hollers duck” to career-building lessons like learning how “to be disciplined and how to lead men, which helped later, running a business” to the simple, poignant value of “loyalty,” World War II veterans have timeless life lessons to share.

For those of us who have never served in the military, it’s hard to fathom the experience. We asked veterans living at Woodbury Mews to share the life lessons they learned and felt were the most important.

Frederick Petri: “Serving allowed me to continue my education. The importance of education carried with me.”

Joseph “Joe” Melvin: “You have to duck when someone hollers duck. Be ready for an emergency at times.”

Russell Staib: “My wife: to love her.”

Thank you to all veterans for your service and the sacrifices you have made. An additional thank you to these veterans for sharing the most important lessons they learned from that time. To read more words of wisdom to future generations from our Watermark heroes and Veterans coast to coast, please click here.

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