Getting to Know You: “Audrey” The Sketch Artist

Every month, we celebrate and get to know our Inn residents by highlighting someone different each month. This month we celebrated Audrey. Her family came to enjoy the program as well. Audrey sketched one of our residents during the event. Below is her biography.

Audrey was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has one younger sister, Sondra. Her parents bought a hotel in Wildwood Crest in the early 1940’s. Audrey spent every summer at the hotel. She loved to swim in the bay and the ocean and in the evenings she would enjoy going to dances. Audrey loved to draw, and at the age of 14 years old, she displayed her artistic skills to a gentlemen who worked as a sketch artist on the boardwalk in Wildwood Crest. After seeing her work, he asked her how old she was, at the time she was too young to work, but the gentlemen could not believe she was only 14 with such talent and insisted she was 18. This is where her career as a sketch artist began. Every summer from that year on Audrey had a job on the Wildwood Crest Boardwalk sketching people. She met her husband, Larry, who was also an artist (commercial artist) at the age of 14 and married him at the age of 18. They have two daughters Robin and Dale. She currently has four grandkids. To this day, she still loves to draw.

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