Expressions Art Show at Woodbury Mews

On June 19th, we had our 2nd Annual Expressions Art Show. This year was bigger and better then ever! Held in the Town Center lobby, the talent was a sight to be seen. We had paintings, photography, crocheted blankets, quilting, needle point, stained glass, paintings on wood, a painting painted from coffee, and more! As the spectators walked around enjoying all of the wonderful types of art, our photographer took head shots of the artists and their pieces which will be entered for a chance to be placed on the national Expressions calendar. Each year, Watermark selects the best entries that are then published in the annual calendar. Last year our very own Russ Gerst was given an Honorable Mention for his Stonehenge painting. There were two caricaturists doing sketches and a wonderful reception in the bottle club complete with complimentary mimosas.

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