Butterfly Release Brings Great Excitement!

This month, Woodbury Mews residents enjoyed learning all about the life of Monarch butterflies and even had the chance to experience an up-close and personal encounter with these winged beauties! We were intrigued to learn some impressive facts about their migration, as they instinctively fly all the way to Mexico during the last cycle of their reproduction. Every year from late October until their anticipated return in March, millions of monarch butterflies undertake a remarkable journey of up to 3,000 miles in their annual migration from Canada and the United States to reach their wintering grounds in Mexico. Once in Mexico, the monarchs congregate in the Oyamel fir trees of Michoacan and Mexico states.

During the Summer semester of Watermark University, residents participated in a class that provided them with an opportunity to view live caterpillars and butterflies as they learned all about these interesting creatures. Our Community Life Director received some late hatching cocoons and brought them in to share with residents. She explained that depending on the temperature, it takes about seven days for them to emerge from the chrysalis. Once the beautiful butterflies made their grand appearance, our residents were eager to set them free on their journey!

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